Dalter Alimentari expands its product portfolio for food manufacturers and the operators of the food service: two targets that use cheeses as an ingredient for their preparations (from filled pasta to sauces, seasonings and ready products made of meat) and at the same time seeks quality, adequate seasoning ability and high service content. To these customers, Dalter Alimentari offers a new range of blend: nine mixtures of grated cheeses, which differ in taste, seasoning ability and browning (which is the coloring on the surface that the blend gives to the product), Grate ability (the result is a dish that is more or less crispy on the surface), stringy-effect (which is the tendency to melt, while maintaining a highly visible structure) and amount of quantity used. Especially valuable, for the development of these references blend, was the work done by our Research & Development and Quality Assurance departments: our two teams have carried out a careful analysis of the main properties that characterize our blend and that are essential to guide the choice of our customers. The nine blend are suitable to be used as an ingredient in gluten free preparations. Five blends are suitable for consumption by vegetarians: these mixtures are obtained using only cheeses containing vegetable rennet, because of their microbial origin. For customers fascinated by the appeal of the made-in-Italy, the references with PDO cheeses (Parmesan, Grana Padano cheese and Pecorino Romano) are four.