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We promote the use of aged hard cheese as a natural flavour enhancer that perfectly adapts to any type of industrial preparation, thanks to its seasoning capacity and yield. For this reason we aim to spread a high culture of product and its use “in the Italian way”. 

Recipe for success

Today, Dalter Alimentari is a major supplier of grated aged cheese, also available in portions, for the professional catering and food manufacturing, in Italy as well as in Europe.
We specialise in packaging fresh grated cheese, also available in portions, supplying the out-of-home catering market (food-service, restaurant chains or fast food franchises, catering companies, wholesale distributors of food products, wholesale cheese supplier and on-board catering). Over the years, we have conceived and developed different products to meet the requirements of the food manufacturing.

Conquering the world

With its talent for innovation and quality, Dalter Alimentari has taken on ever more demanding challenges. In particular, having consolidated its leading position in the food service sector and in corporate and institutional catering services, it launched an internationalisation policy, before focusing on the more exacting European markets and then expanding the scope of its business outside the EU.

The numbers

Turnover 2020 (millions of Euro)


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