Our values

Every day the values that inspire us and guide us in creating better products are the same ones that guide all the companies of the DalterFood Group.


People are at the heart of this company. Dalter firmly believes that the satisfaction of the people at every level of the organization is a prerequisite for success. Continuous teamwork, knowledge sharing, professional training and a working environment that respects individual differences. This is what we are and what we want to do every day.


Personal curiosity and the research of new horizons have accompanied the entire history of the company and since its origin it has contributed to the development of unique products. Today we propose and develop innovation in an industry founded on tradition, a kind of innovation that is expressed not only in the development of new products or packaging solutions but also in a new way of doing business, of developing partnerships and of promoting new ways of consumption of seasoned cheeses and cheeses made in Italy. 


Passion is an ingredient that has always characterized our attitudes and inspires us. Every day we are guided by a strong passion for the traditions of our territory, that gives life to our Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. This passion for our food culture drives us to bring a touch of Italian style to the world and makes us feel like ambassadors of a unique life-style.


Dalter is committed to conduct its business activities in compliance with international, communitarian and national regulations and rejects any kind of extortion, corruption, cheating, fraud, and general illegal practice. The work of all employees is guided by the values of honesty, transparency and in accordance with the regulations in force.


Respect for the consumer means meeting his expectations in terms of food safety, health and taste and to recognize the fundamental right to be aware of what they eat. We work every day with this philosophy in order to achieve excellence in terms of hygiene and food safety and the positive outcome of rigorous periodic audits which are organized by our major customers, confirms this.

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