Whatever is your business segment, we have the right solution: single-dose packages or extra-large bags to adapt to your production process

Cheese solutions for food manufacturer

Thanks to a flexible and efficient structure, Dalter is able to meet the needs of the food manufacting world: for this reason it has become a partner, not just a supplier, of multinational food companies. The food manufacturing range includes many products that are able to respond to the needs of food industry, supplying large packs of cheese for use as an ingredient, or single servings to be included as a practical ingredient in salad bags and ready meals.

Discover the large size packs

Packs from 500g to 5kg



  • Grated cheese: a selection of 9 different blends of grated cheeses, different for their performance and taste
  • A Wide range of the better seasoned PDO Italian cheeses
  • Weight settings to limit the waste of product according to production cycles
  • Possibility to customize the mix depending on the recipe
  • Variety of cheeses available
  • Grated parmesan cheese and parmesan cheese powder

Discover single serving packs

Single serving sachets from 5g to 40g



  • Maximum flexibility in pack sizes
  • Wide range of cuts
  • Guarantee of hygiene and food safety
  • Reduction of cross contamination
  • Reduction of manual activities in production
  • Redutcion of waste
  • Possibility for the clients to customize the sachet with their own brand
  • Wide range of cheeses, from classic Italian cheeses to other hard cheeses

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