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Ingredients and products for the food service

Since 1978 Dalter Alimentari has benne supplying the professional catering channel, in all its segments (contract catering, restaurants chain, franchising fast food chains, wholesale cheese suppliers, food and cheese distributors, on-board catering and motorway catering): for this reason today Dalter has a deep knowledge of the sector and its needs and it is a supplier of multinational catering chains. The Dalter range dedicated to food service, includes single-serve packs of 5g/10g of grated cheese, and bags or trays from 500g to 2.5kg, to satisfy every need of professional operators.

Discover the large size packs

Pack from 500g to 2,5kg



  • Grated cheese: a selection of 9 different mixtures for performance and taste
  • A wide selection of the best Italian DOP cheeses
  • Appropriate weight, in order to avoid product waste in the kitchen
  • Variety of cheeses available and possibility to select new ones depending on the recipe
  • Constant quality over time
  • Flexible easy-to-store packaging

Discover our monodosis

Packs from 5g to 60g



  • Ensure hygiene maximum food safety
  • Reduce waste;
  • Food cost control
  • Reduce preparation time;

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