Cheese for pasta factory

Learn how a seasoned cheese can make a difference



The seasoning of a cheese stuffed inside fillings, represents a factor which can make a difference; seasoned cheeses have a greater concentration of salt and a more intense flavour than the less seasoned cheeses. A seasoned cheese, such as a grated parmesan cheese aged for 30 months, will yield much higher use than a younger cheeses.

Dalter can provide different solutions according to manufacturers requirements and depending on the positioning of its product on the market. 

  • Italian cheeses, such as Grana Padano cheese or Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino Romano, for your premium references
  • Mix of other hard cheese, also vegetarian, with different performance depending on usage
  • Other seasoned cheese, also in confetti or fillets, for your most innovative products

Why choose Dalter

The wide range of bags from 500 g to 5 Kg offers to our customers:

  • Grated cheese: a selection of 9 different blends of grated cheeses, different for their performance and taste
  • A Wide range of the better seasoned Italian cheeses
  • Weight settings to limit the waste of product according to production cycles
  • Possibility to customize the mix depending on the recipe
  • Variety of cheeses available and possibility to select new ones depending on the recipe.
  •  Grated parmesan cheese and parmesan cheese powder
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