Cheese for sandwiches

A good cheese in an original cut to give a twist to your products

Cheese: a gourmet accessory for sandwiches

It is increasingly in vogue to turn sandwiches from fast-food to food gourmet. This trend has seen the birth of the most original, delicious and innovative recipes in a highly dynamic sector that responds to the increased consumption of meals outside home.

Aged cheeses are, in fact, a versatile ingredient that goes well with meats, vegetables and even fish.
The range of Dalter’s cheeses is able to provide a solution to all these needs. It includes:


  • Italian PDO cheeses, such as Grana Padano or Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino Romano, for your references premium
  • Other Italian hard cheeses in flakes, ribbons, petals or fillets

Why choose Dalter

The wide range of bags from 500 g to 5 Kg offers to our customers:

  • A Wide range of alternative cuts, such as flakes or fillets, which can give to the recipe a greater consistency
  • Weight settings to limit the waste of product according to production cycles
  • Possibility to customize the mix depending on the recipe
  • Variety of cheeses available and possibility to select new ones depending on the recipe
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