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Dalter’s selected raw materials

Dalter’s product range consists mainly of cheeses produced in Italy including the PDO cheeses as Parmigiano Reggiano cheese (also known as Parmesan cheese), Grana Padano cheese and Pecorino Romano cheese. These are flanked by other hard cheeses of foreign origin and by cheeses for vegetarians like Doronico cheese, Spinoro cheese and Pastamore cheese. Finally, our cheese selection includes other Italian or foreign semi seasoned cheeses like Edamer, Fontal or Provolone cheese.

Parmigiano Reggiano

Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is the most famous PDO cheese in the world. The production of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is made only with milk, salt and rennet and requires at least 12 months of maturation. In our catalogue, you can find Parmigiano Reggiano mountain product, coming from our dairy Colline di Selvapiana and Canossa (Reg. No. 417). It includes Parmigiano Reggiano cheese matured for 12, 24 or 30 months together with those that present a maturation period of 36 and 40 months. In addition to classic wedges and wheels, Dalter offers grated Parmesan cheese, parmesan cheese powder, in flakes, cubes, petals, fillets packed in bags, trays or single-serving sachets. Weights vary from 5 g to 5 Kg.


Organic Parmigiano Reggiano

The production of organic Parmigiano Reggiano cheese in addition to complying with all regulations laid down by the Specification of the Consortium, must also conform with the procedures established by the legislation on organic farming. This legislation regulates in particular animal feeding, breeding, animal welfare and milk processing. Important news. Since August 2015, Dalter has become organic Parmigiano Reggiano producer at its dairy Colline di Selvapiana and Canossa (Reg. No. 417).

Grana Padano


Grana Padano cheese is a PDO cheese with a minimum seasoning of 9 months up to 20 months. Dalter selects the Grana Padano cheese in the area of origin from selected cheese manufacturers and relies only on companies with long experience in the dairy industry for making products under its own brand. Besides the classic wedges, packed directly by Dalter and following the disciplinary accordance regulated by the Consortium, the range includes Grana Padano cheese offered in different cuts.

Pecorino Romano

Pecorino Romano cheese is a PDO hard cheese, made exclusively from fresh whole sheep milk. Dalter selects the cheese in its area of origin (limited to the Italian regions of Lazio, Sardinia and to the province of Grosseto in Tuscany) from selected cheese manufacturers.


In addition to the most famous PDO cheeses (Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Grana Padano cheese and Pecorino Romano cheese) Dalter’s product range is completed by other hard cheeses from Italy and from abroad and vegetarian cheeses.


Spinoro cheese is an hard cheese 100% made in Italy, produced with milk from Italian farms located in the heart of the Po Valley. Spinoro cheese is produced using only high quality Italian milk without adding preservatives or additives. Moreover, the use of microbic rennet obtains a product belonging to the category of vegetarian cheeses.


Pastamore cheese is a hard cheese made from pasteurized cows’ milk. It is produced with natural ingredients without preservatives or additives; the use of microbial rennet cheese makes it suitable for vegetarians.


Dalter’s product range is completed by our selection of the best semi-seasoned cheeses from Italy and abroad which are accurately chosen at their places of origin. Provolone cheese, Edamer cheese, Emmenthal cheese and Fontal cheese are cut and packed under vacuum or protective atmosphere to protect freshness and taste in a natural manner, without using preservatives or drying processes.


Dalter has always accompanied food industries and foodservice operators throughout Europe, in creating refined recipes with a touch of Italian character. From this experience and from the accurate selection of seasoned and semi-seasoned cheeses of Italian origin or in the Italian style, a new range of blend is born.

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