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Pizza Blend



blend of 5 italian hard cheeses

New blend that comes from the selection of five hard mature Italian cheeses. It has a strong taste and excellent gratin and browning properties. It is great on pizza! If you are looking for a cheese supplier for your fresh or frozen pizzas, this is the right product!

Ingredients: Italian Hard Cheese (MILK, salt, calf rennet) 30%, Italian Vegetarian Hard Cheese (MILK, salt, microbic rennet) 30%, Italian Hard Cheese with lysozyme (MILK, salt, calf rennet, preservative: lysozyme, EGG protein) 25%, Provolone (MILK, salt, rennet) 10%, Italian Pecorino (MILK of sheep, salt, lamb rennet) 5%.

2,5 Kg



AllergensSuitable for vegetariansPreservative-freeContains PDOGluten-free
Milk, preservative lysozyme: egg protein