Dalter is continuing to innovate and diversify its range of products to meet industry and food service needs. Today, it is unveiling a brand new product in terms of cheese cuts: its new cheese matchsticks, a unique cut on the market designed to guarantee the best results.

The special unique feature of this new cut launched by Dalter lies in its food design: a good thickness (3 x 6 mm) and a quadrangular cut help give these cheese matchsticks a unique texture, which are really enjoyable to bite into and hold their shape well when cooked, keeping their characteristic three-dimensional shape.

“Dalter is the first and only company in the sector to release this new three-dimensional cut for cheese, which picks up on a demand that had so far not been met among food service operators and food companies”, explained Elisa Flocco, the Dalter Head of Marketing. “This is just the latest outcome of our Group’s ability to keep innovating and diversifying our range of products, which is perfectly encapsulated in the variety of cuts offered and in its ability to keep creating new, original cuts”.

Unlike cheeses cut into thin, flat strips, DalterFood Group’s innovative matchsticks always stay firm and hold together well when cooked, keeping their structure and body even during long cooking processes at high temperatures. In addition to being incredibly delicious, this is why they are perfect as an ingredient in sauces or fillings and in any dishes where the cheese must stay intact, compact and visible.

This innovative cut offered by Dalter adapts perfectly to the needs of food industries, particularly those that make ready meals, because it is perfect to use as a topping on pizzas and lasagna, as an ingredient in ready-made salads, soups and sauces, as well as for fillings and stuffings. Cheese matchsticks are also interesting for the world of food service, because they are handy and delicious for topping pizzas and in dishes with a set recipe, but also for enriching vegetable salads.


The range of cheese matchsticks offered by Dalter is extensive and designed for meeting all needs. This Emilian company uses this cut for Parmigiano Reggiano of all ages and for aged Italian Spinoro cheese. It offers two different lengths (short matchsticks from 15 to 30 mm and long matchsticks from 25 to 40 mm) and five types of packs: packs, bags and round tubs just for the short version, and bags and trays for the whole range.


With the launch of this innovative cheese stick cut, Dalter Group is once again continuing to fully demonstrate its commitment to developing innovations applied to the world of cheeses and its ability to create and provide “tailor-made” solutions for its customers all around the world.

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