Dalter believes in sustainability, developing projects whose results are already visible. The Italian Group has been one of the first players in the dairy sector to make fully recyclable packs and the first producer of Parmigiano Reggiano PDO to obtain the animal welfare certification. These achievements are the result of the Group’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

“We at Dalter have been focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility for a long time. Now we are working on improving our environmental impact and making our products more sustainable,” said Stefano Ricotti, President of Dalter Alimentari.


The investments were spread across the dairy supply chain, including milk production methods and cheese packaging types. Dalter is the first company in Italy in the Parmigiano Reggiano circuit to obtain the Animal Welfare Certification by CReNBA, the Italian National Reference Centre for Animal Welfare. This document certifies companies using milk from stables complying with animal welfare requirements. To obtain this certification, these companies must pass an exam covering four macro-areas: corporate and personnel management, facilities and equipment, animals’ living conditions in farms and biosecurity.
(Click here to download the certificates: Animal welfare certification  – Treaceability in the supply chain )


Quality cheese obtained from a rigorous and excellence-driven approach deserves suitable packaging designed to reflect the company’s sustainability. Dalter’s commitment to environmental sustainability is highlighted by a project focused on reducing plastics in packaging and using more environmentally-friendly products.
We have worked on the packaging composition to reduce its environmental impact, creating a range of 100% recyclable packs – single-serving sachets, flow pack wedges, and wedges in thermoformed packs – made with materials that can be disposed separately in countries that include the collection and recycle of single-material packaging. For single-serving bags, shifting from multi-material packs to single-material ones has helped reduce plastics by 30%. Moreover, we worked on preformed PET packs, increasing the amount of recycled material to at least 60%.
Besides being environmentally friendly, these new packs ensure excellent performance, as they keep the cheese’s freshness and flavour intact and ensure the shelf life of standard packaging. Dalter doesn’t compromise these aspects, because we focus on our products’ excellence and do whatever it takes to create bespoke innovative products.

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