Grated Grana Padano is ideal for the preparation of ready meals, it gives a creamy consistency to each preparation, enriching the product with flavor and taste. It is available in various bag formats, with high weights suitable for both industrial manufacturers (ready soups and first courses, stuffed meat preparations, breadcrumbs, breadsticks or salted cheese snacks) and contract catering or restaurant chains. 
It is packaged in a protective atmosphere, to preserve the taste and aroma of the cheese, and should be stored at a temperature between 2° C and + 8° C.


  • Maturing: minimum of 9 months
  • Grated: ideal to be combined with other ingredients in your recipes
  • Shelf life: 90 days
  • Excellent seasoning capacity
  • Pack: bag from 500 g to 5 kg

Grana Padano is a PDO cheese with a minimum maturation of 9 months up to 20 months. Dalter selects the Grana Padano cheese in the area of origin and relies only to companies with long experience in the dairy industry for making products under its own brand.

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