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Case-history: Dalter Alimentari and Rigamonti

With the evolution of consumer habits in mind, Rigamonti started to develop a product with a high service content for foreign retailers in 2014. It targeted the strong appeal of traditional Italian food destined for “consumption on the go” that was ideal for modern...

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A new range of blend

Dalter Alimentari expands its product portfolio for food manufacturers and the operators of the food service: two targets that use cheeses as an ingredient for their preparations (from filled pasta to sauces, seasonings and ready products made of meat) and at the same...

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Dalter starts to work with the dairy of provazzano

We are cheese manufacturer in the three dairies of our integrated supply chain.Located in the hills of Parma, near Neviano degli Arduini, the dairy of Provazzano joins an integrated supply chain model of Dalter Alimentari. The dairy of Provazzano is the third dairy...

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