The ability to differentiate its products to meet the needs of the food service and food manufacturing, finds its highest expression in the variety of cut cheeses we offer on the market.

We offer the widest range of cuts available on the market with at least 10 variants that are all tailor-made according to customers’ requirements.

Grated cheese

This is the most common and versatile cheese, ideal for ready sauces, filled pasta, breading, or ready meals. Available in different sizes to better adapt to any type of mixture or industrial preparation.

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Long matchsticks

With a firm bite and a good thickness (3 x 6 mm), these long cheese matchsticks are 25 to 40 mm long. This new cut is perfect either as an ingredient in ready-made sauces and fillings or as a topping for pizzas or pasta first courses.

Short matchsticks

These short cheese matchsticks are 3 x 6 mm thick and their length ranges from about 15 to 30 mm. Their special feature is that they always stay firm and compact and hold their shape well when cooked, keeping their structure and body. 


Small regular cheese squares. This unusual cut is particularly indicated for creative ready meals or meals that need that extra oomph.

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Thin irregular cheese flakes perfect for the ready meal industry. A perfect match with tray-packed pre-sliced cold cuts and carpaccio or used to season frozen pizza.

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Irregular cheese strips, 2 or 3 cm long. This cut is particularly suitable for creating recipes or as an ingredient to make your preparations more creative and tastier.

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Available in different sizes, they meet the requirements of both the industrial world and of food-service operators. They can be added to ready meals or 4th range salads and are perfect for the out-of-home catering sector.

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Thin regular cheese leaves. Perfect with 4th range salads or as a topping on frozen pizzas. 

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Thin threads of cheese that melt evenly and slowly to ensure perfect control of the preparation.

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Irregular cheese cubes of the size of a hazelnut. They are particularly indicated for the ho.re.ca sector, ideal for a snack or a buffet.

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Little cheese sticks, ideal for the catering world. Excellent as a snack or for an aperitivo.

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