Spinoro: this is a cheese 100% Made in Italy, prepared with cow milk originating from Italian farms located in the heart of the Po Valley. The mastery with which traditional methods are carried on, the high quality Italian milk and the typical climatic conditions of the territory allow us to obtain a cheese with excellent characteristics: hard cheese with fine grained appearance, pale straw-yellow color and an enveloping aroma.
Spinoro is a 100% Italian hard cheese, a valid quality alternative to the classic PDO cheeses. We propose this cheese in two cuts: grated and flakes. It’s ideal as an ingredient in the preparation of ready meals or as a seasoning to be added at the end of cooking.

It is ideal as an ingredient in the preparation of prepared dishes or industrial preparations, and being produced with microbial rennet is also suitable for the preparation of vegetarian products.




  • INGREDIENTS: 100% Italian milk, salt and microbic rennet
  • Without preservatives
  • Suitable also for vegetarians
  • PACK: bag from 1 kg to 5 kg

It’s available in two CUTS:

  • Grated: to give consistency and flavor to your fillings and your recipes
  • Flakes: ideal to be combined with salads, meat or fish carpaccio and to fill pizzas.
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